Friday, February 12, 2010

Chocolate O!

Did you know that Karen Finley has a new show that just opened featuring Ms. Coc-Oa as Jackie O? KF is also looking incredibly well-preserved. In this article she talks about remembering Grant Park as the site of riots...yet she seems to have no wrinkles!

Maybe Feminism keeps you young!

Please file this with the rest of my posts under "obsessed with wrinkles"!


Tommy Salami said...

Oh, cool. I saw her show in the late 90's in Minneapolis, I can't remember the title, but she was in a wedding dress for it. She does look quite good, about the same as she did then.

Beth Tondreau said...

OOh-ooh-ooh what a little makeup can do for you . . . It's stranger, to me, that the new show is in a dinner theater.

Tommy Salami said...

Obligatory "don't eat the yams!" joke.