Monday, January 4, 2010

Type that just seems to go together

You do the math. I'm a little afraid of both of these: the modern typeface for the Cecilia Bartoli with all its thick/thins,

and the fat "Bodoni on Steroids" look of this slab serif. Steroids joke courtesy Ellen Lupton.


Beth Tondreau said...


Beth Tondreau said...

I mean "papi" is hilarious. Bartoli's art director chose time-appropriate typography (if you believe the online info stating that "from 1740 to 1813 male sopranos comprised 70% of all operatic singers" and know that Giambattista Bodoni, whose type graces Bartoli's album (or whatever word is appropriate) lived from 1740–1813 (does that count as doing math?).