Monday, January 11, 2010

Fab packaging

In the Mattress Factory gift shop in Pittsburgh, PA, I bought a fantastic pair of earrings that were made even more interesting when I realized that the mounting card was actually a cut out "N" for the Nathan Hall, the designer of the jewelry. He's also a composer, visual artist, collagist and much more. The only problem is now that I won't wear them; I've tacked the whole kaboodle up on my inspiration board!


Beth Tondreau said...

Wonderful. However, now that you've photographed and posted them, you must wear them. BTW, isn't it a hoot that Pittsburgh has resurged as a center for art, tech, medicine (not that my bro-in-law would come into the Mattress Factory with Pat and moi). Also, it was in Pittsburgh, not New York, where I first encountered the work of James Turrell. Funny, ain't?

Beth Tondreau said...

The much more part: Omigod. He studied musical composition with Robert Wilson. He went to Vassar and studied with Nancy Galbraith (Robin Bentz Wolgast, who sojourned at BTD, went to Vassar, and knew of Nancy Galbraith.

Interesting that he went on to Carnegie Mellon for his Masters. Toto, should we be in Pittsburgh?

Suzanne Dell'Orto said...

I am constantly amazed: you know everybody!

And...if it's even colder in Pittsburgh, forget it!

Beth Tondreau said...

I don't know them personally, so there are no major points for being an informational gadfly.