Friday, December 11, 2009

Tanks for the Memories

You've really got me going on hand-painted type. A very recent sighting is this great old truck for Rosenwach Wood Tanks. The type is amazing; I love the way the strong sans serif plays against the more jaunty script. Just as amazing to me is the rendering of the wood tank (done, it seems, back in the day when Graphic Design was called "Commercial Art"). Even in my quickie shots of the truck art, you can see the "decorative rosette made of four 'R'-shaped pieces on the top of the tank."* Craftsmanship and high-level branding join up.

I've always been fascinated by New York's skyline of tanks and how the Rosenwachs have been able to keep their business strong since the late nineteenth century. *In 2008, The New York Daily News ran an article that yields practical info about why wood tanks are the top choice for NY (cost, durability). An architect friend opined that the Rosenwach company possibly got itself written into NYC codes as well (I haven't researched this theory). Relationships? Relationship Marketing? Speaking of marketing, I'm amused to note that the look of the trucks and the tanks is far above the look and function of the Rosenwach website, although the newsletter is pretty interesting if you're a woodie.

All terrible TERRIBLE puns in this post are intentional.

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