Monday, November 16, 2009

Heathens at the gate

Well, the NYTimes has posted an article about people who are "typographically sensitive" and as I write this, it is the 8th most emailed article today.

Michael Bierut, in his typically funny way says “I think sometimes that being overly type-sensitive is like an allergy; my font nerdiness makes me have bad reactions to things that spoil otherwise pleasant moments.”

The article goes on to talk about how a church near his vacation home (sigh! successful designers with vacation homes!) uses Cooper Black for their sign outside, which mars the lovely restoration. He says "Cooper Black is a perfectly good font, but in my mind it is a fat, happy font associated with the logo for the ‘National Lampoon,’ the sleeve of the Beach Boys’ ‘Pet Sounds’ album and discount retailers up and down the U.S. I wouldn’t choose it as a font for St. Agnes Church even as a joke. Every time I go by, my vacation is, for a moment, ruined.”

So I did a little googling, and here is that itch that can't be scratched:

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Beth Tondreau said...

I'm chuckling, because you must have been blogging as I sent you the link (as well as some other type links from Steven Heller's Dailly Heller) with an extract of the very quote by the very witty Mr. Bierut. I'm so glad you found a photo of the church. Now, here' the dilemma for me. Although I absolutely agree with Michael Bierut about the fat happy font, I must say that the very lovely church looks a bit like a fat, happy chapel. So, Cooper works better than, say, the exalted Trajan ;) or stereotypical Weiss.

Nice photo. Great sky. Oh happy day.