Friday, October 16, 2009

and R is for Roma

The packaging on this Roma Plastilina modeling material is so lovely and evocative that it deserved a mention. I do believe, however, that the clay is actually from a hundred-year-old company in the United States...maybe even as close as Brooklyn!

On a technical type note, using that lovely tall serif type for the word Plastilina certainly helps distinguish between all those i's and l's and makes the word more readable. If you're looking at the blog online, we've used a sans serif and you can see how confusing it looks the other way: ROMA PLASTILINA.

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Beth Tondreau said...

Roma Plastilina is such a beautiful combo of words that it works for me in the sans serif (not your point, I realize!). You would have enjoyed The Night of the Italians, put on by the Type Directors Club. A very witty and sharp Paola Antonelli moderated a panel comprised of some of the greats. Antonelli wittily introduced the stars along with the translations of their names: Massimo Vignelli (Massimo Vineyards), Louise Fili (Louise Threads), Francesco Cavalli (Francesco Horses) and Matteo Bologan (Matteo Baloney). It was a night of strong work and thought—with the non-native Italian Louise Fili discussing designs that looked and felt the most Italian of all.