Thursday, September 10, 2009

Waiting for Joe Wilson's website

I so want to send a "shame on you!" email to Joe Wilson...


Beth Tondreau said...

Acording to Richard Simon of the LA Times, those wild South Carolinians have exhibited breaks in decorum before:

In 1856, a South Carolina House member, Preston Brooks, entered the Senate chamber and severely beat abolitionist Sen. Charles Sumner of Massachusetts over the head with a cane.

Joe Wilson raised cane in a numbe

Good for our Prez for repeating:

"I do think that, as I said last night, we have to get to the point where we can have a conversation about big important issues that matter to the American people without vitriol, without name-calling, without the assumption of the worst of other people's motives," Obama said.r of ways."

How grand to have a president who can promote an articulate conversation.

And yes, Shame on Joe Wilson, whose site is still unavailable.

Suzanne Dell'Orto said...

Now this link goes to a new webpage with his shiny-apple bio on it, but no more "contact me". Grr.