Tuesday, August 25, 2009

It's that time alright

I'm working on my syllabus, too, for the upcoming Intro to Design 2050 class at Baruch. I'm totally inspired by my friend who writes an education blog about teaching art in an Emilia Reggio school in Washington, DC, who says that "Those who can teach, do more."
I'm always so impressed with how much prep and research you do for your students. It's true that the teacher learns so much.

Recently I met a colleague of a friend (they both teach at Kutztown University) who also has a blog. Dr. Martin Rayala writes a magazine about how design and art education must be expanded to cover film/video, graphic shop class, and other creative pursuits in high schools. No more English teachers teaching film—although it's based on narrative, it is a visual medium. Design is being taught by the technology and computer department. Again, it's a visual and visual thinking medium.

It's really heartening to see so many teachers and professors reaching out beyond their classrooms. You included.

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