Friday, June 19, 2009

Oh, Beehive!

Elisa Pritzker, a local (and talented and very busy) artist, is working on a project called Project Green, an interactive project database featuring artists talking about environmental issues. One of the artists is Atticus Lanigan, whose materials list is stunningly evocative.

Materials: used honeycomb, recycled doll’s head, Chinese newspaper, blue flowers ripped from a very old tattered plastic stem found in an empty blue wedding album circa 1890s, glue, dark red thread that pervades my work, two recycled brooches altered, camphor used for prayer at Spice Aroma restaurant in Poughkeepsie, a wooden box acquired from a sad florist going out of business, nails taken From the halfway dismantled box from the sad florist.

Full disclosure: I'll be one of the featured artists soon.


Warren said...

I like that the artist mentions that the florist was sad.

Anonymous said...

Hello: I'm Atticus. I just googled myself. How fun! Thanks!