Saturday, June 13, 2009

Chew York, Chew York

I heart the campaign. I love the silliness, the puns, the reworked type, and the fake language, "Snacklish." My personal fave is Snaxi, as shown in the screenshot from the NY Times online. Like you, I poked around a bit. There are fans as well as detractors. Chewart Elliott wrote about it in the Chew York Times (he called it The Nougat York Times). Also, I think Snickers are delish, so my brand loyalty is high, puns or not. Isn't it interesting that brands were originally marks burned onto the outside of flesh (steer, thank god) and now a brand works because it has a life of its own, a soul that resonates with a certain group (not to mention a Facebook and Twitter presence).

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