Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Boom- or Bust- ers

I, too, make a habit of running in and seeing the museum shows at the last minute—glad you and Pat got a chance to go. Was it one of the new late Monday nights? A terrible time to ask, but did you get to see the Tangled Alphabets show, too, while you were there? There's some beautiful lettered work in that show, and it closes June 15.

When I was a kid, I was totally into the idea of Manifest Destiny (I think I read those Laura Ingalls books one too many times). Now, as an adult, I can more fully understand the religious over? under? tones of that concept and I find it a bit creepier and sometimes a bit analogous to the conflicts that are happening all around that are based in the crush of dogma. That said, a lot of those images in the show are just so lovely and have been under-shown, and it looks like a beautifully curated show.

And yes, how hilarious that you took a picture of that Dyson hand dryer. If I haven't joked about this already with you, I find it hilarious that Dyson came to prominence when his wife asked him to vacuum the house one day and, he, so frustrated with the vacuum cleaner, retreated into his garage and worked for 3 years developing a vacuum with better suction instead!

Anyway, having tried that super-blower in MoMA I have to confess that it was a bit more powerful than I thought it would be and it was a bit frightening to put my (very important to me!!!) hands into what looks like a sideways meat slicer. The ensuing blast of air and sound had my hands outta that thing in like 3 seconds . . . partially out of fear! You?

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