Sunday, May 10, 2009

Wavy Gravy with Gravitas

Pat pointed out the review, partly because Storm King is such a treasure to us.

There seems to be a movement among leading design thinkers to include science in a design worldview. In the video accompanying the Holland Cotter piece, Maya Lin talks about her interests to combine science and nature and the environment. I am happy to say I don't think Maya Lin is simply riding the wave (pun sort of intended) of a trend.

Goldsworthy's wall is amazing, although everything at Storm King is inspiring. Even the picnic areas at Storm King inspire outdoor meals worthy of an Impressionist painting (I realize that combining easy-viewing paintings with the awesome sculptures at Storm King seems silly, but more than once I've seen well-appointed picnic tables with food and feasts that are themselves works of art. Art in nature nurtures more art in nature?

BTW, is Holland Cotter an awesome art critic or what?

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