Sunday, May 17, 2009

More etsy type

I always have such a problem picking a good sans! What is an earthier, less formal one? I'm always stuck in my mind with Frutiger, Helvetica Neue, and Gill Sans. I know you're a big fan of Interstate, but I can never get that to work for me.

Actually, I had a big mental problem switching from the long skinny format of the Etsy banner to the postcard size. Design is planning, but that wasn't in the plan in the beginning!

The postcard was in lieu of a business card, made at my favorite online cheapie digital printing place, PSPrint. Some of those miniatures (actually a whole set of 100 or so) were purchased by a hotel in Chicago, and they wanted a stack of business cards or postcards as promotional giveaways for their guests who inquire about the paintings.

Meanwhile, of course, yes, there was an eblast made. It's so 2009!

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Noah Dziobecki said...

I'm a huge fan of Frutiger (one of the baby names I was considering for a while was Adrian) and Helvetica Neue, with Trade Gothic and Univers for back-up. I like Interstate, but that is the official Toyota font, and I like DIN for a little more edginess, but that is Scion's font so I use them sparingly. (Lexus, by the way, uses Nobel for everything, even body copy, for which it could never have meant to be used.) I also still dip into Meta from time to time.