Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Is it me?

Do you like Trajan? Is it just overused? I associate Trajan with Donald Trump!

This Trump logo is much, much better, although I'm not sure it's really an official one—

I was looking at the design of this Roger Ebert book cover (designer unknown, 2007), and I just hate the type. And I hate that the Trajan type is not sitting on the Helvetica type, but not NOT sitting on it either.

It is, however, a vast improvement on other Roger Ebert titles, like this one from 2000:

Triangle dot border, baseline shifted text, and the simulacra of typewriter AND handstamp! He's such a good movie critic; I wish we could design the covers!

1 comment:

SUS said...

What typeface really goes with douchey cover photograph of a middle-aged dude aping Macaulay Culkin? That book looks like it contains a lot of bullet lists.

Wow. Why so negative, Roger? I guess he's been working hard the past nine years debunking the myth that he's the "likes everything" reviewer to "hates everything" Gene Siskel. Cover A is the serious biography; Cover B is for the discount island at Barnes and Noble.