Monday, May 4, 2009

The Cat and Baby Show

I was sorry to miss that event (and you!), too! Was my night to mind the store, as it were.

Yes, Jasper John's directive "Take something; do something to it; then do something else to it" runs through my head at least once a day. It helps to keep pushing the problem one more step. So 1 + 1 + 1 = 4.

I love the distillation of the Pentagram approach: x=big numbers + Rubik's cube image manipulation. I've been thinking that I'm the only non-fan of that Michael Bierut Sak's Fifth Avenue logo.

I'd think it was cool if it was just their tissue paper pattern, but I'm not sure of the rework of the old logo into the bags and stuff, which is mostly what I see people carrying. He did that with his redesign of the Atlantic, too. Does that count as doing something + doing something else? Or just doing something? (And sadly this 2008 redesign comes just 7 years after the last one.)

I agree with you about the 19 20 21 site. Without context or seeing the presentation you saw, the site seems a bit labored and belabored. Sometimes Flash sites can just seem endless. But the use of the numbers is pretty spot on, if not a direct homage to the Massimo Vignelli calendar.

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